Welcome to tawk2me.

A unique voice messaging service for Celebrities.

What is Tawk2me?

  • Tawk2Me is a mobile, voice-driven social networking platform.
  • Tawk2Me delivers personalised voice messages to a selected audience (fans, followers or congregation)
  • to any mobile phone, anywere in the world.
  • No application, or software downloads. No monthly subscriptions.
  • Works on every make and model of phone

Who Uses Tawk2me?

  • Celebrities to connect with their fans.
  • Religious Leaders for reaching out to their followers.
  • Sports Stars for revelling with their fans.
  • Government Departments to inform their Nation.

Look Who's Tawking

  • 'Uti'
  • 'citytocity'
  • 'translux'
  • 'joyous'
  • 'sundowns'